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roossoentken: are you a teacher? that's so cool! what do you teach?

I am a teacher- I teach 11-12 English :)

Laying in bed and this poem popped into my head…

I’m the picture in the magazine
The porn star on the screen
The forbidden fruit, calling your name
The animal desire
Taunting you every moment, breath

I’m the dangerous
The fast track to the wild side
Not seen as substance-
Just a face and a body with curves
The whore. Slut. Sex
Fun and free…

I’m not the one to meet Mom
Not the one to have you on one knee
Not the kind to love
Not the picturesque family portrait
Not the one in the spotlight

I’m the secret you hold in
Or spill out with guilt gnawing
The different. The loud.
Tattoos- piercings- brain
not silly. Plain. Wife
What am I?